Can A Sinking Pool Be Fixed? (A Complete Guide on How To Fix a Sinking Pool)

You might wonder if it’s possible to fix the pool if you’ve noticed that the once leveled and beautiful pool it was has started to sink. Being a specialist in pool repair, I can state with certainty that a sinking pool is a common problem that can be resolved with the appropriate method.

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I’ll show you how to mend a sinking pool and restore it to its former splendor in this article. We’ll cover everything from diagnosing the cause of the sinking to implementing the proper repair techniques to ensure your pool is safe and stable.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to fix and enjoy your pool for years, whether dealing with a minor sinking or a more significant problem.

Can You Repair a Sinking Pool?

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One of the most asked questions I field is whether a sinking pool can be rectified. The good news is that yes is my most common response. 

A sinking pool is usually caused by one of two things: soil erosion or a shift in the foundation. Sometimes, the issue may be due to poor construction or improper installation. The key to fixing a sinking pool is identifying and taking appropriate steps to address the issue regardless of the cause.

Fixing a sinking pool can start as soon as the cause has been found.

Fixing a sinking pool requires specialized knowledge, experience, and the right tools and equipment. Working with a professional pool repair company is often best to ensure the job is done right and the pool is safe and stable for years despite some owners attempting to tackle the issue independently.

How To Identify the Cause of the Sink

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Identifying the cause of a sinking pool is crucial to ensuring the repairs are effective and long-lasting. Here are some common causes of sinking pools and how to identify the cause.

Common Causes of Sinking Pools

  • Soil erosion: Soil can erode or settle over time, causing the pool to sink.
  • Poor construction or installation: It may start to sink if the pool is not constructed or installed on an unstable surface.
  • Shifts in the foundation: The pool may sink if the ground beneath the pool shifts or settles.

Identifying the Causes of the Sink

A pool repair professional will typically thoroughly inspect the pool and surrounding area to identify the cause of the sink. This may involve:

  • Checking the soil composition and moisture levels: A professional may take soil samples and test the moisture levels to determine if soil erosion is the cause of the sink.
  • Examining the pool structure: A professional may examine the pool structure for cracks, damage, or signs of poor construction.
  • Using specialized tools: A professional may use specialized tools, such as a laser level, to measure the pool’s level and determine if there are any shifts in the foundation.

Importance of Identifying the Cause Before Proceeding with Repairs

Finding out what went wrong with the sink is important if you want the fixes to work and last. For instance, merely covering the hole and adding more soil might not solve the issue if the sink is brought on by soil erosion.

Alternatively, stabilising the soil or building more support structures could be necessary. A pool repair professional can develop a tailored repair plan that addresses the root cause of the problem by identifying the cause of the sink.

The first step in solving the issue of a sinking pool is to determine the cause. Pool repair professionals can develop a plan that ensures your pool is safe and stable for years by understanding common causes of sinking pools and how to identify the cause.

How to Repair a Sinking Pool

A step-by-step guide to repairing a sinking pool:

1. Identify the cause of the sink. It’s essential to identify the underlying cause of the sink before starting any repairs. This will help determine the appropriate repair method.

2. Drain the pool. The pool must be drained before any repairs can be made.

3. Excavate the affected area. The area around the pool may need to be excavated to provide access to the affected area if the sink is caused by soil erosion.

4. Stabilize the soil. The soil must be stabilized to prevent further sinking if the sink is caused by soil erosion. This may involve injecting stabilizing materials into the soil or adding additional support structures.

5. Repair the pool structures. Cracks or leaks must be repaired before the pool can be refilled if the sink has caused damage to the pool structure.

6. Refill the pool. The pool can be refilled with water once the repairs are complete.

7. Re-level the pool. It can be re-leveled to ensure it is even and stable if necessary.

Why Should You Work with a Professional?

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Repairing a sinking pool is a complex and specialized process that requires knowledge, experience, and the right tools and equipment. The risk of future damage to the pool or property is reduced by working with a reputable pool repair company to ensure the repairs are completed professionally and safely.

DIY is generally not recommended despite some pool owners attempting to repair a sinking pool. Pool repair professionals have the knowledge, experience, and specialized equipment to diagnose and repair a sinking pool properly.

Attempting to repair the pool yourself can be dangerous and may result in further damage to the pool or property. In addition, DIY repairs may not be covered by warranty or insurance, leaving the pool owner responsible for any future repairs or damage.

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Final Thoughts

A sinking pool is a serious problem that requires prompt attention and professional expertise. Fortunately, most sinking pools can be fixed and restored to their former glory with the proper diagnosis and repair approach.

Don’t wait to take action if you suspect your pool is sinking. Our skilled technicians can identify and fix even the trickiest pool problems since they have the necessary knowledge, equipment, and experience. Call (561) 570-1269 if you need help fixing a sinking pool. We’re here to help.

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