Can You Detect A Pool Leak Using Ultrasound?

Think ultrasound is for industrial and medical applications? You need to be corrected. Ultrasound is an effective tool if you’re looking to find leaks in your pool.

Sarasota Pool Repair Leak Detection - Did you think that ultrasound is for industrial and medical applications only? This post will make you think otherwise.

Using ultrasound technology to pinpoint pool leaks is beneficial. It helps determine if the leak originated from points such as:

  • The underground pipe
  • The wall
  • Plumbing equipment.

Tools like ultrasonic leak detectors are practical in many home applications. These applications include pool leak detection. 

Pool Leak Detection - Ultrasound is another effective tool for pool leak detection.

This article provides the most straightforward explanation of pool leak detection using ultrasound. Let’s get into the details.

How Is Ultrasound Used to Detect Pool Leaks?

Quality ultrasonic detectors use an electronic process called “heterodyning.” This changes high-frequency leak sounds to a lower range. This makes a hissing leak heard through headphones. All while moving the microphone to find the leak.

Ultrasound and other new technologies have made it easier to find leaks in pools. These can save you both time and money in the end.  

What Is Ultrasonic Pool Detection?

A person who knows how to find leaks in pools uses “ultrasonic” tools to find the exact spots of leaks.

An experienced specialist will use different combinations of leak detection equipment depending on the following:

  • The type of pool
  • Where the pool pump system is
  • Where the plumbing is

The specialist can use ultrasound once detected. This tool helps them listen for leaks that are deep underground and hard to find.

Nelson Pool Company Sarasota - Learn more about ultrasound to detect pool leaks from this post.

Leaks aren’t always easy to find by shining a flashlight on the floor and looking for wet spots. Experts sometimes need to use thermal cameras. These tools help them find temperature differences in water lines. That, in turn, points to weak plumbing.

Helium detectors find leaks in pools in other cases. You can pump helium gas into your plumbing system. This helps find out where the leak is coming from, and a detector will show you which parts are leaking.

No one wants to take care of a leaking pool. It can make your whole yard flood, mess up your pool’s equipment, and cost you much more money than it should. Ultrasonic leak detection is good enough to keep you from digging through your yard for a leak. You can also click here for more insights into pool leak detection. 

Are There Drawbacks of Ultrasound Pool Leak Detection?

Ultrasonic pool leak detection is not thought of as a precise way to test for leaks. Most ultrasonic equipment does not offer features like:

  •  Automated leak testing
  •  Ability to test a leak rate specification
  • Repeatable accuracy
  • Ability to manage test results.

The average ultrasound leak detection system can only find leaks in the 60 sccm range. There are other more accurate ways to find leaks.

The accuracy of ultrasonic leak detection depends on the following:

  • How well the operator performs
  • The background environment
  • Separation of the sound frequency from the background noise.

Acoustic leak testing on insulated and buried lines or run-through walls makes it harder to find a leak. Sometimes, the leak isn’t found at all.   

How Can Accessibility to the Leak Help Ultrasound Accurately Detect Pool Leak?

Sarasota Pool Leak Detection - Here are some drawbacks of ultrasound pool leak detection.

Ultrasound is a short-wave sound. The emission amplitude decreases as the sound moves away from its source, and distance becomes a factor.

The leak will be hard to find if an inspector can’t get close enough to a leak. It’s essential to be able to get to the leak. The closer the pool leak detector can get to the leak, the more likely they will find it and figure out what caused it.

If a leak is too deep, it will likely bounce off to reflect its surrounding walls, which makes it hard for the inspector to determine where the leak is coming from. Ultrasound may sometimes hit something that soaks up the sound waves.

The more distance the leak has to go, the more likely it is that the leak will weaken. Get closer to the source of the leak. Move things out of the way. Use tools to get to the leak. These tools include a contact probe, a parabolic microphone, or flexible probes.  

How To Make Ultrasound More Effective in Pool Leak Detection?

A group of engineers ran various tests in one pool leak case study. They did dye testing, bucket testing, and specialized leak detection. They couldn’t find the source of the leak despite all attempts.

A stream of water in the street from the base of the pool’s patio area made them decide to visit in the evening. They used an infrared camera to locate the target area. They zoomed in on the location using an ultrasound device to find the leak.

The first step was to use infrared technology to locate the general area of the leak. After finding the general leak location, ultrasound technology pinpointed the exact leak source.

The area of concern was narrowed down to a ten-foot space with the help of the infrared camera. The ultrasound helped find the exact spot where the leak was. The leak came from a hole only 6 inches away from one of the test holes used for the ultrasound testing.

Using both infrared and ultrasound technology helps find the leak in a short amount of time. The fixing cost was minimal because the pool patio area did not have to be dug up. 

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Final Thoughts

Ultrasound instruments are practical tools for finding leaks in pools when used correctly. Plus, they can help save a lot of energy.

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