How Do You Fix A Pool Light Conduit Leak?

Most people don’t think about their pool lights, especially during the day. At night, the pool is lit up, so you can go for a swim after dark. A pool light can sometimes do a little bit more, but not in a good way. It can get wet.

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The conduit, the pipe that carries the light cord from the lamp to the junction box, can leak in pool lights. Water can get into the pipe because the part where the pipe connects to the light niche is not sealed.

It’s time to look at your pool light conduit leak as an option for fixing the problem, if this is the case. Here are seven steps to fix your pool light conduit leak.

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Step 1. Make Sure the Conduit is the Issue

It is likely the conduit if you have a pool light that is not working. 

First, ensure your pool light works by checking the fuses and circuit breakers near it. Try plugging in your lights again if they all seem okay—this time with no other electrical devices or appliances connected.

You should see if anything happens when plugged in for about 10 seconds before turning it off again. There may be more than a lack of power if nothing happens when plugged in but does when unplugged. 

Step 2. Turn Off the Power to Light

The first thing to do is turn off the power to the light if you have a pool light that leaks. This will prevent water from getting through and causing damage or other problems.

You can unplug it from your breaker box (if there’s one) or shut off the main circuit breaker in your home. Most pools will have an electrical meter connected to them. You can turn them off from switches in their breaker box. You can plug into the same wall outlets as the rest of your appliances. You may also choose to use the ones in your wall units.

Step 3. Drain Pool Water

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Now that you’ve identified the leak and drained the pool, it’s time to drain the water. Use a skimmer or other device that can remove debris from your pool. Otherwise, use a hose or pump to pull out as much water as possible from your filter and then dump it into an empty bucket.

Remove any leftover debris left behind after removing water from your pool system. You can do this by draining both filters (Empty the one at the bottom of each pole first). Again, it would help if you used whatever works best to eliminate all the extra debris. A vacuum is helpful in this case to gather everything into a single location.

Once everything has been cleaned up properly (or not), replace any parts that got damaged during the installation procedures above, so they’re ready when next we come back around again.

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Step 4. Remove the Fixture and Conduit

Remove the light fixture. Remove the ceiling-mounted light, if any, before you get to the conduit and its connection to your pool pump. 

Remove debris accumulated on or around your pool pump’s cable connection area. This will make it easier to clean up any dirt stuck in there. It will also prevent dirt and debris from getting into other parts of your system later on when they are not in use.

Step 5. Check and Repair If Necessary

  • Turn off the power to the pool light.
  • Remove the fixture and conduit from your pool light.
  • Check and repair if necessary. You may need to replace parts of your wiring or fix them with tape or glue for any leaks. 
  • Re-install the fixture and conduit back in your pool. Ensure that all connections are secure before refilling them with water!
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Step 6. Re-Install Conduit and Fixture

Now that you’ve replaced the conduit and fixture, it’s time to ensure that proper attachment. Double-check if your light fixtures are secured, mainly if they use threaded inserts to connect the wires.

Remove any electrical boxes from atop pool lights before re-installing the conduit. This is to avoid disturbing live wires by accident. Use tape or staples with little nails to support any exposed fixtures. This will protect them from leaves or twigs that could break them.

Step 7. Refill Pool with Water

Refill your pool with water once you’ve completed the above steps. To do this, make sure that you use a hose or bucket and don’t add any pool water into the pool. Fix any leak that shows up while filling your pool before refilling it completely.

The best way to prevent leaks is by checking all your equipment for any cracks or damage. This includes changing old light fixtures with new ones and sealing off pipes. Address leaks in these spots immediately to prevent further financial waste.

Repairing a pool light conduit leak is an effective way to fix the problem and get your pool back up and running.

  • Turn off the power to your pool light at its breaker box or other safe points if you haven’t. You may have turned off the power in another area of your home. This step is essential because if there are leaks in your system, even after we start fixing them, it will stop any damage from happening.
  • Remove all dirt and debris from your pool. This includes leaves and sticks blocking airflow on one or both sides of the system. Also, check for rocks moved during construction that may cause problems in the future.

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Final Thoughts

There are easy ways to figure out what’s wrong with pool lights. The problem might be easy enough to fix that you don’t need to pay a professional.

But! You may always call us at (561) 570-1269 to schedule pool repair and renovation.

Our team of professionals will schedule a time convenient for you to stop by and give you a bid on the repairs. You can also click here for more insights! 

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