How Do You Know if Your Pool Is Leaking Main?

There are many signs of a leaking swimming pool. 

You may notice that your water bills are unusually high, or there may be puddles of standing water near your pool. 

You may even notice that the water level in your pool drops at a surprising rate.

However, it’s only possible to confirm a pool leak with the help of proven leak detection tests. 

Sarasota Pool Leak Detection

You can perform the bucket test or the dye test by yourself. You need to hire pool experts to conduct pressure or ultrasonic testing to verify serious pool leaks like the main drain line or plumbing issues.

This article teaches how to recognize the tell-tale signs of a leaking pool. Keep reading to know the best pool leak detection service in Sarasota, FL. 

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Signs of Pool leak

Signs That Your Pool Is Leaking

If your pool is losing water, that is a possible leak indicator. However, other factors such as evaporation and water splashout may be the culprit for water loss.

When you start noticing any of these symptoms, it may be time to start looking into pool leak detection services:

1. Standing Water or Mushy Ground

If it hasn’t been raining and you notice puddles forming around your pool, this may indicate an underground leak.

Mushy earth or grass near your pool is also a sign of pool leaks.

Pool Evaporation

2. High Water Bills

Even a minor pool leak can cost you hundreds of dollars in utility costs. You may be losing hundreds of gallons of water in a week.

If you fail to detect these leaks immediately, it can result in equipment failure and structural damage to your pool.

3. Drops in Chemical Levels

When a pool leaks, the chemical levels in your pool will fluctuate due to water loss.

If you notice that you keep refilling your pool and chemical levels start to drop, that may be a sign of a pool leak.

4. Algae Growth

In connection with the fluctuating chemical levels in your pool, you’ll also start to notice algae growth and discolored pool water when you have a pool leak.

Discolored pools with dark green hues indicate unusually high algae growth. These are dangerous to your health, so call a pool repair service immediately.

5. Pool Cracks

If you notice cracks in and around your pool, that is a tell-tale sign of a leak.

Some minor spiderweb cracks can be sealed using epoxy or putty. However, large pool cracks need major replastering jobs from professional pool contractors.

How Do I Know My Pool Has a Leak?

Early detection of a pool leak is critical because it will prevent further damage to your pool. 

If you don’t repair pool leaks immediately, you can spend thousands of dollars on repairs or equipment replacement.

If you need a quick and affordable solution to check a pool leak, you can try the bucket or dye test.

1. Bucket Test

The bucket test is an easy way to confirm if your pool is losing water due to evaporation or leaks.

  1. Get a 5-gallon bucket and place it on the second step of your swimming pool.
  2. Fill it with enough water to match the pool’s water level.
  3. Mark the water level with a marker or masking tape.
  4. Turn off the pool pump and leave the bucket for at least 24 hours.
  5. Observe the water level in the bucket and the pool. They should evaporate at the same rate. You may have a pool leak if the pool water level is significantly lower.
Pool Leak Detection in Sarasota

2. Dye Test

The dye test works well for pool surfaces, including gunite or cement, vinyl, and fiberglass. Leak specialists can also use the dye test to find leaks around the skimmer, drains, and pipe fittings.

  1. Get a pool leak dye detection kit, goggles, and a snorkel.
  2. Apply a small amount of the dye underwater near the suspected leak. The dye should flow into the leak.

Learn more about these tests from this blog post here.

Pool Repair Experts

Need Help with Pool Leak Detection? 

Some pool leaks are more difficult to detect than most. Especially if it’s underground plumbing or the main drain line that’s leaking, you’ll need help from expert pool detection services in Sarasota. 

Look for us using state-of-the-art leak detection technologies to find and fix all types of pool leaks. Aside from the bucket and dye tests, our team can also perform pressure and ultrasonic testing to find hidden leaks that can cause severe damage to your pool structure.

Pressure Testing

In pool pressure testing, pool specialists apply pressure to isolated sections of pool plumbing. Pipe sections are pressurized, and we check the pressure gauge to see if the pipe holds the pressure.

For this testing method, we use a pressure testing rig, a regulated air source, and a set of test plugs and closed plugs.

Ultrasonic Testing

Since pressure testing can damage pipes, we use the latest technologies to detect leaks through ultrasonic testing.

We use high-tech listening devices to hear leaks in the pool shell or the underground plumbing.

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