How To Locate Broken PVC Pipe Underground?

PVC pipe is a popular material for underground utility lines. They are also primarily used as pool underground pipes. But, it can be fragile and susceptible to damage. Most people don’t notice underground pool leaks in PVC pipes because they are “invisible.”

They only know there’s a leak once big problems happen most of the time. With significant issues come expensive fixes. It is best to take the time to learn how to check for leaks in your underground plumbing to avoid these expenses.

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Can You Locate a Broken PVC Pipe Underground?

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Yes. PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) can be hard to find underground. The reason is that there isn’t much or any metal in the pipes so a metal detector won’t work.

GPR (Ground-penetrating Radar) is the best tool for the job these days. This device is accurate at mapping metal and PVC pipes. Traditional pipe locators use electricity and magnets to find underground pipes.

You can also find broken PVC pipes underground by using a hydroscope. It’s a tool that allows you to see through the ground without digging up the dirt and works best on dry soils.

Here’s how it works:

  • Take your hydroscope and place it in your yard (or wherever you suspect a leak).
  • Turn on the device and watch as water flows into the tube at its bottom—that means something is underfoot! If this happens, then congratulations! You’ve found an underground pipe breakage!

How to Detect Leaks Found in Broken PVC Pipe Underground

A critical part of your swimming pool is the plumbing. This moves the water from your pool to the filter and back into the pool when it is clean. The central plumbing systems in a pool are the suction and pressurized systems.

The skimmer and main drain are part of the suction system. These parts pull water out of the pool and send it back to the filter. After going through the filter, a pressure system pumps the water back into the pool.

Filtered water comes back through the jet (or return) inlets. These are often called “return plumbing.”

It can be easy to figure out what kind of leak you are dealing with once the pipe is dug up. To learn more about pool leak detection, you can click here.

What Are the Signs You Have Leak in Your Pool Plumbing System?

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Air Bubbles in Your Pool

Your pool may have air bubbles if the water level is too low when your pump runs. Several things can cause air bubbles. Thus, it should look into it further to ensure there isn’t a leak. 

Wet Spots in the Yard

Do you have spots in your yard that are always wet? What about patches of overgrown grass here and there? Most people think it’s because the grass is getting too much water, but a pool leak could also be to blame.

The water that leaks from a pipe in the pool and rises to the surface causes wet spots. So, try to look more closely before you say you overwatered.

Low Water Pressure

They will have less water if your lines have more air. Water pressure loss is the first sign of a broken pipe, and leaks, clogs, or sediment buildup cause low water pressure.

The pressure gauge on your filter shows your pool’s water pressure. It is most likely because of a leak in the pool’s plumbing If it seems lower than usual. Use the air relief on the filter to let some of the pressure out.

Unable to Prime

It could be because of a closed valve or a clogged impeller if your pump doesn’t prime out of the blue. Make sure to look at a few other things to pinpoint the problem.

Losing Prime

It could signal a more significant air leak if you run the pump by hand with a hose and it still doesn’t work.

Cracks in Pool Decking

It will start to hurt the area around it as water leaks from your in-ground pool’s pipes. There’s likely a leak if you find a crack in the decking around your pool. You might notice wet spots on the decking before it breaks. Consider that a sign of a leak and have it checked out before it does more damage.

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How To Test for Pool Leaks in Underground PVC Pipes

Professionals use a pressure testing rig to check the pressure-holding ability of each line. Experts will also put air into the pipe and use high-tech tools such as hydrophones. You will also see X markings. These indicate where to dig, whether in your yard or the pool deck.

Nelson Pool Company can find the leak and fix it as if nothing ever happened using these methods and more. You can also read through our blog post for more insights on pool line leaks.

When To Call a Professional

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Call a professional when you need help with what to do. Finding a leak can be dangerous, especially if the pipe is underground. When you own a pool, you must know how to find a leak in in-ground pool piping. There could be gallons of water wasted every minute if the source isn’t found asap.

Call us at (561) 570-1269 when you don’t have the time or equipment needed for the job. We can help perform these tasks for you if your pipes are in an area that requires specialized tools. This is better than trying them with limited experience and skills.

Final Thoughts

Nelson Pool Company’s primary goal is to ensure every job gets done. No matter how big or small – we do it safely, correctly, and quickly. It does not matter how big a project is. It needs careful planning, good safety practices, and consistent compliance. We’re here to help you and your team find problems underground. All before they become dangerous to you, your community, or both.

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